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Bring an emotion home

Our products are a real emotion to bring home, because they reflect the excellence of Italian and especially Euganean food and wine. You can purchase them in our shop, open from Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm, on Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Our oil is exclusively made with olives from the Euganean Hills, in order to offer our guests a product that is not only a seasoning, but a real food itself.

In our farm, you will find two types of extra-virgin olive oil:

– a single-varietal Rasara oil,
– and a blend of Frantoio and Rasara varieties, both typical of the Euganean territory.

Choose the one that best suits your needs!

Extra-virgin olive oil is an integral part of the history and landscape of the Euganean Hills. In fact, some scholars argue that the ancient Romans already brought and planted the first olive trees here, which have now become an essential and indispensable element of the Euganean territory

Did you know that…

  • Extra-virgin olive oil is one of the fundamentals in the Mediterranean diet, and it is good for the skin because it is rich in polyphenols. Moreover, it contains antioxidants such as vitamin E or Beta-carotene and omega 3, essential for reducing excess cholesterol, to control hypertension and for many other diseases. It is also gluten-free!
  • In order to preserve the extra-virgin olive oil at its best, it is advisable to keep it away from sources of heat and especially in the dark, or in a dark package (a brown glass bottle or, even better, a metal tin).
  • When does extra virgin olive oil go off? If stored at its best, it is possible to consume it within 18 months following its bottling.
  • To recognize a good extra virgin olive oil, note some details, for example a bright green colour and a fresh smell.

Farm-to-Table Products

Our products are the result of the land that surrounds us. We work the fruit grown in our farm with passion and respect for its seasonality, in order to offer always the best to our customers. Taste our jams and honey with local cheese, the aromatic salt and oil to complete a tasty bruschetta or our typical biscuits with a good cup of tea. Ask for advice to our staff and you will always find the product you are looking for.

All our products can become an original party favour for every occasion: weddings, christenings or graduations. Give a genuine Villa Alessi product that will surely be a much-appreciated gift. If interested, please ask!


All our jams are homemade, without preservatives and produced exclusively during the period of maximum fruit ripening, in order not to add more sugar than necessary. Whether savoured alone, accompanying cheese or boiled meat, or used to garnish pies and other desserts, they are always excellent.


Who wants honey must have the courage to face the bees – African proverb.
Honey is a food rich in beneficial qualities: it is good for the liver, and it works very well against cough, against flu and cold, and much more. Being a natural sugar, honey is excellent with cheese or to be savoured alone. Among the many varieties of honey, in our farm you can find Honeydew, Acacia, Multi-flower and Chestnut. The added value of our honey is its origin, strictly from the Euganean Hills.

Salt and red wine vineyard

Our aromatic salt and red wine vinegar are excellent to combine with extra virgin olive oil, in order to season salads or any of your recipes.
Try, for example, our salt on roast chicken and discover the difference!

Grappa and olive liqueur

New entries among Villa Alessi products are our grappa and Ulaios, a special liqueur made from olives. Excellent at the end of the meal, their original taste will surprise you! Muscat grappa or cabernet grappa for tradition lovers, olive liqueur for the most daring.
What is your favourite one? Find it out by coming to taste them!


Faedini or Zaleti, the recipe of our biscuits is the same traditional recipe of the housewives from Faedo. Both obtained by mixing corn flour and other tasty ingredients, Zaleti are biscuits with raisins while Faedini are with figarini (a particular fig variety that is found in the Euganean Hills). Taste them with our Fior d’Arancio Passito, for a moment of exquisite relaxation or an original gift.

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